Is Your Crypto Wallet SAFE? This Report Will SHOCK YOU!!

Aug 23, 2023
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CER.live, a crypto security data aggregator, conducted a comprehensive study of 45 popular crypto wallets across 12 platforms and 159 apps to assess their security features and vulnerabilities.

The study revealed that open source wallets do not guarantee security, but can benefit from third-party bug bounties. Most wallets rely on bug bounties rather than full audits for proactive vulnerability hunting.

Hardware wallet integration does not improve software security, but reduces the risk of losing funds in case of a hack. Wallets with larger user bases tend to invest more in security, but also attract more hackers if they disregard best practices. The study also ranked the wallets based on their security scores and provided detailed reports on each wallet. The study aimed to provide data-driven insights to users and developers on how to choose and improve crypto wallets…

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